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Technology Solutions

Integrity Computer Systems LLC (ICS) is a first in class information technology as a service (ITaaS) solution provider in Alaska. As an elite ITaaS solutions expert, we service all your technology needs in a single month cost.

For example, we’ll train your employees on Power BI or Excel, manage the security of all your systems, backup your key business data build or maintain your website, and create your android/IOS (iphone) app for your business for a single budget manageable cost.

ICS are certified cloud and security experts/engineers. Our solutions incorporate the latest in technology innovations. ICS seeks clients with the same “Higher Standard of Excellence”.

The quality of our services are very high and efficient. ICS  can do more in less time than our competitors due to our custom in-house client solutions. We are a green company with a small physical foot, passing savings to our clients.

We are generally more expensive than our competition. Our technicians are full stack engineers. They can both solve your network issues, train your employees,  and the write custom in-house code to meet your proprietary needs. For, ICS, one technician is all you will need. We build a life long relationship with your business and partner in your success.


All clients aren't a fit for ICS. Our passion for innovation and workflow efficiency isn't a match for clients who prefer to ignore technology advancements. We are seeking clients who are willing to operate in the cloud (AWS/Azure/Google), consider AI and automation as efforts to save costs, and support security best practices immutably. ICS prioritizes security, innovation, and automation. Thus, clients with old technologies who aren't ready for modernization aren't a good match for our technology solutions.

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