The Certified Information Systems Security Management Professional (ISSMP) certification from ISC2 is a valuable credential for those who excel in establishing, presenting, and governing information security programs. Let’s explore the key details:

What is ISSMP?
The ISSMP certification demonstrates your deep management and leadership skills across critical security functions.
As an ISSMP, you’ll excel in areas such as incident response, recovery, and risk management.
This certification is vital for those who play a key role in information security management within their organizations.
ISSMP Exam Domains: The ISSMP exam covers the following six domains:
Leadership and Business Management
Systems Lifecycle Management
Risk Management
Threat Intelligence and Incident Management
Contingency Management
Law, Ethics, and Security Compliance Management
Exam Requirements:
You need to have at least 2 years of cumulative work experience in relevant domains.
Alternatively, if you don’t hold the CISSP certification, you can have 7 years of cumulative work experience.
The ISSMP certification is ANAB Accredited and U.S. DoD 8570.1 Approved by the Department of Defense.
Why Choose ISSMP?
Demonstration of Excellence: ISSMP proves you have an elite level of knowledge and expertise.
New Opportunities: It opens doors to new career paths and exciting work.
Growth and Learning: Dive deep into security management and stay at the forefront of information security.
Challenge Yourself: If you’re a lifelong learner, competitive, and want to be seen as a subject matter expert, ISSMP is for you.
Certification: ISSMP
Training Center: ICS
Course Hours: 60
Product: ISC2
Job Role: Security Engineer
Certification Exam: ICS2-ISSMP
Course Level: Intermediate
Course Last Updated: 8 May 2024
Course Price: $2,999.99
Course Price with Credit Card: $3,119.99
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