If you’re interested in Cyber Security, W3Schools offers an Online Certification Program that includes a Cyber Security Certificate. This certification will verify your in-demand skills and help you stand out in the job market. Whether you’re a beginner or an industry professional, this exam is suited for you1. Here are the details:

Exam Overview:
Fee: $95 USD
Number of Questions: Adaptive (average of 60)
Passing Requirement: Minimum 40% (Intermediate level)
Time Limit: 60 minutes
Number of Attempts to Pass: Three
Exam Deadline: None
Certification Expiration: None
Format: Online, multiple choice
By earning this certificate, you’ll gain the following benefits:

Better Job Opportunities: Increase your chances of landing jobs in Cyber Security.
Stand Out: The certificate proves you’ve mastered fundamental Cyber Security skills, building trust with potential employers.
Showcase Your Skills: Add it to your resume, LinkedIn, and other social media profiles.
Flexible Schedule: Complete the exam at your own pace; there’s no expiration date.
Prepare for a career in Cyber Security and qualify for high-demand job titles such as Cyber Security Analyst, Information Security Analyst, and Security Engineer. W3Schools has been a leading authority in web development education for over 20 years, providing comprehensive resources and training for developers worldwide. This recognition and credibility within the industry make our certifications highly regarded1.
Certification: CyberPro
Training Center: I3
Course Hours: 40
Product: W3
Job Role: Security Engineer
Certification Exam: W3-CYBERPRO
Course Level: Beginner
Course Last Updated: 8 May 2024
Course Price: $1,999.99
Course Price with Credit Card: $2,079.99
More Information: https://www.w3schools.com/html/html_exam.asp