If you’re interested in digital accessibility certification, the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) offers relevant courses. Here are the details:

Digital Accessibility Foundations - Free Online Course:
This self-paced course introduces the foundation of web accessibility. It’s designed for developers, designers, UX professionals, writers, managers, advocates, and anyone interested in making digital technology accessible.
Course Objectives:
Understand the importance of web accessibility.
Learn how to create accessible content.
Explore international standards.
Enhance the user experience for everyone.
Cost: The course is free. You can audit all the content without any charge.
Optional Certificate: If you’d like to demonstrate successful course completion, you can obtain a Verified Certificate for $99 USD. This certificate can be printed, listed in resumes, and linked to online profiles1.
Course List:
The W3C WAI maintains a list of digital accessibility courses, training, and certification from various providers. You can filter the submissions to find courses that match your specific interests and needs2.
Certification: Accessibility
Training Center: I3
Course Hours: 40
Product: W3
Job Role: Developer
Certification Exam: W3-ADA
Course Level: Beginner
Course Last Updated: 8 May 2024
Course Price: $1,999.99
Course Price with Credit Card: $2,079.99
More Information: https://www.w3.org/WAI/courses/foundations-course/